The 2019 The Rice Trader (TRT) World Rice Conference, the world’s premier conference on Rice, is celebrating its 11th annual conference, which will be held from 10 -13 November 2019, at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Manila, Philippines. This year we combine our trade perspective with a research conference to create a holistic view of the entire rice sector.


The TRT World Rice Conference has been the largest annual gathering of commercial and professional rice industry participants in the world. Our conference delegates consist predominantly of business leaders and decision-makers, with a mix of private and public sectors that represent the best of the rice export community with a growing presence from the entire rice supply chain. With the addition of the rice research community we provide a unique opportunity for the trade and policy components to appreciate the future of rice production in our rapidly changing world.  Along with the trade having the unique opportunity to express their key needs to the research players globally.  Researchers will appreciate the context within which their work reaches the billions of rice consumers world-wide, while the policy maker will also be able to hear how the rules effect the day to activity in the global situation.


Whether you are looking to explore one-on-one business deals, market your brand to a broad rice industry audience, become better informed on the key issues of the day, or share the latest in your research, there is no better venue to connect with colleagues, prospective clients and customers than the World Rice Conference.


Please join us in Manila this November for a truly exceptional conference that is destined to be another informative and exciting event.  It will be a historic opportunity in many ways


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