Please note that the following are required to enter the 11th Annual World’s Best Rice Contest 2019:

  • Entrance fees for rice tasting contest – FREE (to all registered delegates and sponsors to the conference)
  • 2 x 2Kg samples need to be presented (1 for chefs who will do the taste test and 1 for display at the public display at the conference)
  • Description of rice. Entrants are encouraged to provide the organizers a short write up about the rice (specifications, description and origin) and the supplier. This write up can accompany the rice that will be placed on display. Please limit the size of write up to 250 words).
  • Submission date: 12th November 2019 by 12 noon
  • Results date: 13th November 2019 (@ 10.30am – exact timing may vary)

The rice tasting contest will be conducted by a selection of international chefs who will inspect the visual aspect of the rice submitted, as well as perform a sensory evaluation of the rice (pre-cooked and cooked). The results will then determine the winning entry, as well as any entries that deserve special mention.

Contestants need to submit 2 x 2Kg samples with details of what type of rice, etc. to us on the day of the event. A panel of chefs will judge the entries and decide on the winner, as well as any rice that is worthy of special mention. Samples will also be displayed at the event – so you may want to prepare a short write up about the rice and the supplier.

Past winners of the contest include:

  • World’s Best Rice 2018 Winner: Cambodia Jasmine.
  • World’s Best Rice 2017 Winner: Thai Hom Mali.
  • World’s Best Rice 2016 Winner: Thai Hom Mali.
  • World’s Best Rice 2015 Winner: U.S. Calrose.
  • World’s Best Rice 2014 Joint Winners: Thai Hom Mali and Cambodia Jasmine.
  • World’s Best Rice 2013 Joint Winners: Cambodia Jasmine – Cambodia and California Calrose – U.S.
  • World’s Best Rice 2012 Winner: Cambodia Jasmine – Cambodia
  • World’s Best Rice 2011 Winner: Paw Son Rice – Myanmar
  • World’s Best Rice 2010 Winner: Thai Jasmine Rice
  • World’s Best Rice 2009 Winners: Thai Jasmine Rice

For advance submissions, please provide the following details by email to
Email (for correspondence)
Description of rice (please keep within 200 words)

Important: please remember to bring 2 x 2Kg samples of your rice submission to the conference.