The Rice Trader’s Exclusive Comprehensive Industry Reporting Tool

Know your world.  Know your industry.  Know what your competitors don’t.

If rice affects you, The Rice Trader is your tool. Making a profit requires the in-depth analysis and risk-management tools that The Rice Trader delivers EVERY WEEK.  The TRT Daily delivers price quotes and comprehensive rice industry news 5 days per week. The TRT Weekly provides a comprehensive overview of relevant rice trade news weekly, with reports on the big 5 major exporters, and special reports on new rice trade topics weekly. TRT Special reports cover topics such as updates on fragrant rice trade flows for the current marketing year, parboiled trade analysis, periodic in-depth reports on major import and export markets, and many other timely and relevant topics.

Select the package that meets your information needs best.  Request a free trial subscription or download a sample report below and see how The Rice Trader can help your business.

TRT Daily

TRT Weekly Report

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